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Ezequiel Adamovsky
After graduating at the University of Buenos Aires, he obtained a PhD from University College London. He is currently Professor at the History Department of the University of Buenos Aires and at the University of San Martín, and Researcher of the National Council for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICET), Argentina’s highest research public body. He was also Guest Researcher at the CNRS in Paris. His academic research has been mainly in the field of intellectual history, with studies referring to Europe and also to middle and lower class identity in Argentina. Some of his articles have been published in journals like History of Political Thought, European History Quarterly, Journal of Modern History, Journal of the History of Economic Thought, Hispanic American Historical Review, Desarrollo Económico, Entrepasados, Anuario IEHS, Prismas, Stvdia Historica, etc. He is author of Euro-Orientalism: Liberal Ideology and the Image of Russia in France, c. 1740–1880 (Oxford, Peter Lang, 2006); Historia de la clase media argentina: Apogeo y decadencia de una ilusión, 1919-2003 (Buenos Aires, Planeta, 2009); Historia de las clases populares en Argentina, de 1880 a 2003 (Buenos Aires, Sudamericana, 2012); La marchita, el escudo y el bombo: una historia cultural de los emblemas del peronismo, de Perón a Cristina Kirchner (Buenos Aires, Planeta, 2016, with Esteban Buch), El gaucho indómito: de Martín Fierro a Perón, el emblema imposible de una nación desgarrada (Buenos Aires, Siglo veintiuno, 2019) among other books. In 2009 he was awarded the James Alexander Robertson Memorial Prize, in 2013 the Premio Nacional (First Prize in history), the highest distinction of the Argentinean state for arts and humanities, in 2016 the Premio Bernardo Houssay, a high distinction of the Argentinean state for scientific contributions and in 2020 the Premio Iberoamericano, awarded by the Latin American Studies Association.

Apart from his academic publications, he has written extensively on issues of globalisation, anti-capitalism and Leftist politics for websites and journals from several countries. He has published the books Anticapitalismo para principiantes [Anti-capitalism for Beginners] (Buenos Aires, 2003), Más allá de la vieja izquierda: seis ensayos para un nuevo anticapitalismo [Beyond Old Left: Six Essays for a New Anticapitalism] (Buenos Aires, 2007) and El cambio y la impostura: la derrota del kirchnerismo, Macri y la ilusión PRO [Change and Deception: the Defeat of Kirchnerism, Macri and the PRO Illusion] (Buenos Aires, 2017).

Scholarly texts on the history of Argentina, the middle class and ethnicity


-The book Historia de la clase media argentina (2009) has not been translated into English. You can find more information (including reviews in English) here


“Cipriano Reyes and the paradox of a non-diasporic “negro” identity in Argentina” in Célleri, Daniela; Schwarz, Tobias; Wittger, Bea (Ed.): Interdependencies of Social Categorisations, Frankfurt a.M, Vervuert / Iberoamericana, 2013, pp. 91-114.

“The Middle Class in Argentina”, Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Latin American History. 2016

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“A Strange Emblem for a (Not So) White Nation: La Morocha Argentina in the Latin American Racial Context, c. 1900-2015” Journal of Social History (New York), vol. 50, no. 2, 2016

“Ethnic Nicknaming, Negro as a Term of Endearment and Vicarious Blackness in Argentina (With Some Implications for Debates on Hybridity and Mixed Race Studies)”, Latin American and Caribbean Ethnic Studies, vol. 12, no. 3, 2017, pp. 273–289.

Scholarly texts on European history 



-Euro-Orientalism: Liberal Ideology and the Image of Russia in France (Oxford, Peter Lang, 2006). More information about this book and reviews here


-"Russia as a Space of Hope: Nineteenth-Century French Challenges to the Liberal Image of Russia" European History Quarterly, vol. 33, no. 4, October 2003, pp. 411-50.

-"Euro-Orientalism and the Making of the Concept of Eastern Europe in France, 1810–1880" The Journal of Modern History (Chicago), no. 77, September 2005, pp. 591–628.

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-"Before Development Economics: Western Political Economy, the Russian Case and the First Perceptions of Economic Backwardness (from the 1760s to the Mid-Nineteenth Century) " Journal of the History of Economic Thought, vol. 32, no. 3, Sept. 2010, pp. 349-76.

“Pierre Bezukhov Becomes (Really) Russian: Some Issues of National Identity in Tolstoy’s Narrative and Life Experience” Fragmentos - Revista de Língua e Literatura Estrangeiras (Florianopolis, Brasil), no. 38, 2010, pp. 59-69.

Political essays


Anti-capitalism : the new generation of emancipatory movements
Ezequiel Adamovsky
Translator: Marie Trigona
New York
Publisher: Seven Stories Press, 2011
Original reviews (including in English) here



-"Autonomous Politics and its Problems" and "For a Radical Ethics of Equality", two essays from the book Beyond old left: Six essays for a new anti-capitalism

Short texts

-“The many shades of Latin American racism”, Le Monde diplomatique, August 2021. 

-Short texts for Znet and for Telesur (English)

"Pots, Pans and Popular Power: the Neighbourhood Assemblies of Buenos Aires" in We are Everywhere: The Irresistible Rise of Global Anticapitalism, ed. by Notes from Nowhere, London, Verso, 2003, pp. 422-27.

"Beyond the World Social Forum: the need for new institutions"

“Populism is Out of Control”, Telesur –English (Quito), 3 de junio de 2015.


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